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The objective of this lecture is to introduce Storyboarding. This lecture will not discuss drawing skill, but how a storyboard is used to develop ideas and your communication skills.

A storyboard is a number of drawings, supported with directional notes, that form a visual script for an Animation. They act as a concept (idea) planning aid, that outline the events and actions. The detail, to which a storyboard is drawn, depends on the action, the length and the audience it is aimed at.

Each drawing in the storyboard should illustrate a clear element of the film. A camera movement, an action, a camera cut, character dialogue.

Film making is a very expensive process and therefore requires careful planning and intense thinking. Since the Disney studios first developed the technique, Storyboards have remained the central process in the production of animation. The form storyboards take and the techniques employed are as varied as the approaches to film making.

Remember there are no rules in storyboarding, only guide lines. The essential objective in storyboarding is to communicate an idea clearly and without any unwanted confusion.

As students, the storyboard provides a system where the elements of film making can be defined before production commences. You clearly need an understanding of the established film conventions for the construction of a well structured film....The storyboard allows us to develop this before productions starts. The storyboard helps refine shots, scenes and sequences. Also the techniques for the transition between them.

Remember that a scene is sandwiched between two scenes. The effects of a scene is greatly influenced not only by the content of previous scenes, but by the transition between scenes. Try to keep an overall view of the whole storyboard and how it is working. Every time you finish a drawing place it with the other drawings and evaluate how it is all taking shape.

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