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Please leave all references to mrBoxes intact in the documentation and code examples.

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   Conveyor Belt   
In this 3DS MAX tutorial you will create an array of 30 metal sections, that fit together to form a conveyor belt. You’ll then create a Shape for the path of the conveyor belt. 

The objective of this tutorial is to cover additional tools for modifying Shapes and Polygons. It will also introduce you the hierarchical structure of the Materials editor and allow you to create a Multi/Sub-Object Material, which includes a bitmap and a bump map. 

The steps involved in the tutorial are: 
  • Create a ChamferBox for a single section of the conveyer belt
  • Convert ChamferBox to Editable Polygon
  • Extrude 2 faces of the ChamferBox to create a simple joint
  • Assign a the Material ID 2 to top and bottom polygons of the ChamferBox
  • Add UVW mapping to ChamferBox
  • Create a Multi/Sub-Object Material with 2 materials
  • Assign a simple diffuse colour (dark blue) for Material ID 1
  • Assign a Map for Material ID 2 and adjust the tiling
  • Assign a Bump Map for Material ID 2 and adjust the tiling
  • Adjust the specular value to make Material ID 2 shiny
  • Create an Array of 30 sections and position them in a long line
  • Create a Shape for the path of the conveyor belt
  • Deform the 30 sections to fit the Path of the conveyor belt
  • Animate the conveyor belt
  • Render the Animation 

Features covered in this tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn:

  • ChamferBox
  • Convert to Editable Poly
  • Display Edged Face
  • Extrude Polygon
  • Set Material ID
  • Assigning Material ID to selected Polygon
  • UVW Map
  • Multi/Sub-Object Material
  • HSV Colour Selector
  • Texture Map
  • Bump Map
  • Texture Tiling
  • Specular Highlights
  • Assign Material to Object
  • Show Map in Viewport
  • Array
  • Line Shape
  • Outline Spline
  • Fillet Vertex
  • Weld Vertex
  • PathDeform Modifier

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