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In this 3DS MAX tutorial you will create a series of animated interlocking gears of various sizes, which you will then deform using the Space Warp modifier. Each gear has a a hole in the middle and a number of teeth around the edge. 

Array : 3DS MAX tutorial

The objective of this tutorial is introduce you simple editing tools to modify a spline (Shape), turn it into a 3d model, animate it and finally add a simple modification to the model.

The steps involved in the tutorial are: 

  • Create a circle polygon
  • Create a smaller circle polygon for the hole
  • Create a tooth polygon
  • Align it to the circle
  • Create 10 teeth
  • Attach 12 polygons together to form 1 polygon (2 circles and 10 teeth)
  • Bevel the polygon into a 3d object > gear
  • Animate the gear rotating 360˚ over 100 frames
  • Edit the animation so that it rotates at a constant linear speed
  • Edit the animation so that it continues to play for 500 frames
  • Repeat all the previous steps to create a smaller gear, but turning in the opposite direction
  • Duplicate the gears to create a more complex animation
  • Link all the gears to a Dummy object, so the animation can be rotated in any direction
  • Apply a Spacewarp FFD (Free Form Deformation)
  • Render the Animation 

Features covered in this tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Copying Polygon
  • Edit Polygon
  • Corner 
  • Alignment Tool
  • Editing Pivot Point
  • Array
  • Attach Polygon
  • Boolean Polygon
  • Bevel
  • Keyframe
  • Curve Editor
  • Set Tangents
  • Parameter Curve Out-Of-Range Types
  • Dummy Object
  • Hierarchy
  • Space Warp Modifier

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