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Please leave all references to mrBoxes intact in the documentation and code examples.

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In this 3DS MAX tutorial we will create an animated spring by using a helix shape (spline) as the path to loft a circle along. The tutorial will then show you how to link and aim the spring between 2 Dummy objects. You will then write an Expression to modify the height of the spring by calculating the distance between the 2 Dummy objects. 

LookAt Constraint : 3DS MAX tutorial

The objective of this tutorial is to cover additional tools for modeling and animating objects. The tutorial will also introduce you to writing simple Expressions to control an objects property and identify the problems of using Expressions in a hierarchical model.

LookAt Constraint : 3DS MAX tutorial

The steps involved in the tutorial are: 

  • Create the spring using a Loft
  • Linking the spring and aiming it at a Dummy object
  • Writing an Expression to Calculate the length of the spring
  • Linking the spring to a Hierarchy
  • Animating the Spring

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