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ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics
ASP Basics


This .ASP example demonstrates how to create a website with dynamic content and password protection. The project covered will introduce you to all the basic concepts needed to create a website linked to an MS Access database with a hands-on approach. On successful completion of the project, you will have produced an e-commerce site with basic access security, and have the ability to Add, Edit and Delete text data. 


  1. Produce an organised web folder. 
  2. Produce an MS Access database. 
  3. Produce an MS Access table.
  4. Activate Personal Web Server (IIS).
  5. Create a Virtual Directory (IIS).
  6. Create a Data Source Name (DSN).
  7. Create a Login webpage (.asp).
  8. Create verification (.asp).
  9. Create a Table of Content webpage (.asp).
  10. Create, Add, Edit and Delete webpages (.asp).
  11. Secure pages against intrusion (session variables). 
  12. Form Validation (JavaScript).




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