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[1] How do I close the gap in an outline of a shape?

  By default, Shapes that are defined as an outline, need to be a continuous unbroken line (a Closed shape) if you wish to Fill the area inside the outline (fig 1).
If the outline is not closed (an Open shape), it can prove difficult to Fill the area within the Shape with colour. 
There are 2 possible solutions to this problem. You can either leave the lines broken or fix the breaks. 

Solution #1 
If you wish the outline to remain Open, but still Fill the area inside the outline use the Close Gaps tool. This tool will not join the ends of the outline, but FLASH will treat the outline at a Closed outline and you will be able to Fill it (fig 2).

  1. Select the Fill Tool. 
  2. Select the Close Gaps option. 
  3. Select option. 

Note : Selecting the Close Large Gaps is probably the best option if you are trying to fix small breaks in your outline. 
Be aware that the Close Gaps option is limited. It can only close gaps that are fairly small.

Solution #2 
To edit the outline and Close it, zoom in on the Open section and edit the ends of the line with the Selection tool (fig 3).

  1. Select the Magnify tool. 
  2. Zoom in on the Open section of the outline. 
  3. Select the Selection tool. 
  4. Carefully select the end of the line (the vector) and move it to close the Outline. 

Note : You can also do this with the Sub Selection tool. 


fig 1. A broken Outline.



fig 2. Use the Close Gaps tools to Fill areas inside shapes with broken outlines.



fig 3. Use the Magnify tool to zoom in on the Open section of the outline. Then use to Selection tool to move the ends to Close the Outline.


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