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This FLASH example demonstrates the use of various interactive functions to create dynamic diagrams. In this workshop I'll cover the following topics to create the entire project from scratch. 
  1. Self collapsing Open/Close animated menus. 
  2. A draggable window. 
  3. An animated diagram with background audio and basic movie controllers.
  4. Scan & Import an image, then trace into vector format.
  5. An interactive magnify glass to view details in image.
  6. A slider to scale an image.
  7. An Instruction window.
  8. A Preloader.

Info : Elements worth noting for teaching staff include :

  1. The Instruction window at the bottom - Place your cursor over elements in the main window to display help
  2. Draggable Window - Open the Heart menu to display the animated diagram window. Click 'n' Drag in title bar to reposition the window.
  3. Animated diagram - Open the Heart menu to display the animated diagram window. Click the Play button to show the blood flow. Click it again to stop the animation.
  4. Contents in the Magnification Window can be scrolled by click 'n' dragging on the full size figure.
  5. Magnification can be modified with the slider.


Full tutorial and downloadable notes coming soon.
Check out my tutorial test pages.

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