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Please leave all references to mrBoxes intact in the documentation and code examples. 

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  FLASH MX : Zero to Hero


This page contains supporting tutorial material for the Macromedia FLASH MX : Zero to Hero workshop conducted by mrBoxes©.

Download tutorial material by clicking any the links on the Downloads  box (left). Save the .zip file to your computer. Each .zip file contains all .fla (project files), .swf (completed movie) and .doc file with step-by-step instructions for each workshop on this course. 

This page also contains a Recommended Reading box and links to other sites in the Online Resources box and Cool Sites box (right).

Participants are asked access this page frequently to check the Announcements box (right) for further updates.


  Online Resources
  Recommended Reading 
  Macromedia FLASH 8 for Windows & Macintosh  
  Author : Katherine Ulrich
Publisher : Peach Press
ISBN : 0321349636
  Macromedia FLASH 8 Advanced for Windows & Macintosh  
Author : Russell Chun & H. Paul Robertson
Publisher : Peach Press
ISBN : 0321349644
  Cool Sites  

something :: something :: something :: something